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SSD OCZ RevoDrive 3 X2: more than 1 GBps & PCIe

Designed with power users and multimedia designers in mind, the RevoDrive 3 X2 SSD Series provides the ultimate storage solution for intensive workstation applications with maximum performance and a sophisticated feature-set based on OCZ’s proprietary (VCA) technology and OCZ’s SuperScale storage accelerator.

OCZ RevoDrive 3
OCZ RevoDrive 3
With an all-new architecture, the RevoDrive 3 X2 shatters its predecessor’s performance record and is faster than comparable solutions ten times the price. Eliminating the SATA bottleneck,the PCIe-based Revo3 X 2 delivers ground-breaking 1.5GB/s of bandwidth and 230,000 4KB random write IOPS making this an ideal SSD for high performance applications,multimedia,and workstations. Additionally, the Revo3 X2 offers up to an ample 960GB capacity for users in media development and management looking for more storage room.

OCZ RevoDrive 3 X2 are available in our servers!

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