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VPS (SolusVM2)

Good and easy option to start with! Variety of Linux or even Windows available for instant setup. Backups and full server access

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Dedicated server

Now you've outgrown your VPS and need something more? The best solution for popular sites, large online stores, portals and traffic generating projects.

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You know what you are doing! Anything suitable for a 19-inch rack, requires power and unmetered traffic. You choose, from 1 Gbps to 200 Gbps!

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We offer VPS, dedicated servers, virtualization, colocation and custom IT infrastructure solutions, as well as a complete suite of administrative services to our customers, including: individual server configuration and optimization for variety of high-traffic applications like file serving, pseudo flv-streaming. 14 years of our experience in building customized infrastructure and serving tons of traffic, applied for filesharing, streaming audio/video and data storage helps us to provide the most suitable decision for your high-load project!

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