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vmware VPS

_vmware VPS

Port100 Mbit/s (unmetered)

CPUXeon E5-2690 (1 core) (1x2.90GHz)



$15 per month
dedicated start 100

_dedicated start 100

Port100 Mbit/s (guaranteed)

CPUXeon E5-2603 (4x1.8 GHz)

RAM16 Gb

HDD2x500 Gb

$85 per month
dedicated standard traffic

_dedicated standard traffic

Port1 Gbit/s (guaranteed)

CPUXeon E5-2620(4x1.80 GHz)

RAM32 Gb

HDD6x500 Gb

$210 per month
10G UA-IX backup

_10G UA-IX backup

Port10 Gbit/s (guaranteed) UA-IX

CPU2xXeon E5-2620 (6x2.0GHz)

RAM96 Gb

HDD12x3 Tb

SSD6xSSD Samsung 850PRO 512GB

$1090 per month
10G World

_10G World

Port10 Gbit/s (guaranteed)

CPU2xXeon E5-2670(8x2.6GHz)

RAM96 Gb

HDD6x3 Tb


$1750 per month
10G All-Flash

_10G All-Flash

Port20 Gbit/s (guaranteed)

CPU2xXeon E5-2680v2 (8x2.13GHz)

RAM192 Gb


$3999 per month

Now Highload provides you full spectrum of services, guiding every client through process of consultations, application-oriented hardware/software configuration and suitable infrastructure recommendations.

You choose one of our tested cost/efectiveness optimized applications or free to make your custom configuration through easy online calculator interface.

We posess dedicated rack with layer2 switches in top-tier data center, that guarantees:

— professional structure including guaranteed 320kW 2-way 1+1 reserved power supplies, automatic climate control, fire extinguishing and monitoring systems, providing 99.982% availability

— direct connections to the biggest european IX (Internet Exchange Points) AMS-IX, DE-CIX as well as carrying one of the biggest own local IX

— 24/7 support, immediate reaction in case of any emergency, data center direct contacting available

— Unmanaged/managed service — customer is able to monitor and administer their own server fully on his own

— Unmetered Plans — we do not apply monthly/daily limits in any of our products! Theoretically it means there’s ability of using up to 33TB traffic on 100 Mbit/s and 333TB on a 1000 Mbit/s line monthly.

— Flexible approach to infrastructure configuration — pay-as-you-go!

— Any unauthorized access is not possible

We can cofigure your servers using:

freebsd freebsd freebsd freebsd
FreeBsd Debian Gentoo Ubuntu
mysql psql
mysql postgresql
apache nginx lighttpd
Apache Nginx Lighttpd

FTP/filesystem: vsftpd, proftpd, aufs, nfs

FIREWALL, NAT: ipfw, iptables, pf, ipfilter, natd, ipnat, iptables masquarading

Remote administration: openSSH, SSH2, VNC, RDP

Any other, on demand...

AReady-to-use configurations for multi-server/multi-channel file-serving,leech protected flv pseudo-streaming and any other traffic-generating sites.

AClient area, allowing you to monitor current server load, active connections and traffic as well as managing your balance and products.