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vmware VPS

_vmware VPS

Port100 Mbit/s (unmetered)

CPUXeon E5-2690 (1 core) (1x2.90GHz)



$15 per month
dedicated start 100

_dedicated start 100

Port100 Mbit/s (guaranteed)

CPUXeon E5-2603 (4x1.8 GHz)

RAM16 Gb

HDD2x500 Gb

$85 per month
dedicated standard traffic

_dedicated standard traffic

Port1 Gbit/s (guaranteed)

CPUXeon E5-2620(4x1.80 GHz)

RAM32 Gb

HDD6x500 Gb

$230 per month
UA-IX mirror

_UA-IX mirror

Port4x1 Gbit/s (guaranteed) UA-IX

CPU2xXeon E5-2620 (12x2.00GHz)

RAM96 Gb

HDD6x3 Tb

SSD2xSamsung 850PRO 512GB

$560 per month
10G UA-IX backup

_10G UA-IX backup

Port10 Gbit/s (guaranteed) UA-IX

CPU2xXeon E5-2620 (6x2.0GHz)

RAM96 Gb

HDD12x3 Tb

SSD6xSSD Samsung 850PRO 512GB

$1090 per month
10G World

_10G World

Port10 Gbit/s (guaranteed)

CPU2xXeon E5-2670(8x2.6GHz)

RAM96 Gb

HDD6x3 Tb

SSD4xSamsung 850PRO 1Tb

$1880 per month

serverHighload is an Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and Server as a Service (SaaS) provider, operating through dedicated switch in one of the biggest East-European data center. It has a network uptime of 99.9%, which currently offers its customers an available bandwidth of more than 150 Gbps and has direct connections to DE-CIX, AMS-IX with Tier 2 and Tier 1 providers: Level3, TeliaSonera, RETN, ETT, Synterra, Comstar, Datagroup.

serverServices include dedicated servers, virtualization, colocation and custom IT infrastructure solutions, as well as a complete suite of administrative services to our customers, including: individual server configuration and optimization for variety of high-traffic applications like file serving, pseudo flv-streaming. 3 years of our experience in building customized infrastructure and serving tons of traffic, applied for filesharing, streaming audio/video and data storage helps us to provide the most suitable decision for your high-load project!